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Welcome to Invaders From Planet 3, the biweekly podcast where we talk about science fiction, fantasy and all points in between.

Tune in for interviews with authors, editors, performers, artists, fans and others involved in speculative fiction.

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Let the invasion begin!

Nov 1, 2019

Season 4 of Invaders From Planet 3 launches with an all-new "Voice of the Fans" episode, recorded at the Dublin Worldcon this summer. In fact, there were so many fans who came out to share their stories about their first loves in science fiction, fantasy, comics and all points in between, that I had to expand it to three "Voice of the Fans" episodes!

In this first instalment, we'll hear from Ed Beecher, Dr. Wanda Kurtcu, Scott "Kludge" Dorsey, and Octocon co-chair Janet O'Sullivan.

Stay tuned for more "Voice of the Fans" episodes in the weeks ahead, as well as our regular, full-length interviews!