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Let the invasion begin!

May 24, 2020

Author David Nickle returns to Invaders From Planet 3 as our bonus season continues!

I've recently returned from an expedition into the vaults beneath the Lair of bloginhood (finally able to cautiously skip across dimensions to its new current location beneath the ruins of an old cannery pier in the Fraser River near Steveston), where I've uncovered a previously-unaired mini interview with David where he shares a Top 5 list of speculative fiction stories worthy of attention.

Keep in mind that our conversation took place a few years ago, so a few of his choices might be different now.

That said, it's worth contacting your local bookstore or library to find these stories. And be sure to ask them for copies of David's books while you're there!

To learn more about David and his stories, check out his blog, The Devil's Exercise Yard:


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