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Welcome to Invaders From Planet 3, the biweekly podcast where we talk about science fiction, fantasy and all points in between.

Tune in for interviews with authors, editors, performers, artists, fans and others involved in speculative fiction.

For show notes, book and movie reviews, and other sf-related ramblings, visit

Let the invasion begin!

Feb 27, 2016

In this episode, author & editor Robert J. Sawyer tells us about getting an early start in adult-level science fiction reading books by David Gerrold and Isaac Asimov. He'll talk about why the original Star Trek was such a great TV series, and share his opinions about how science fiction has evolved and sometimes taken...

Feb 12, 2016

In this episode, we'll talk with author and editor Alex Renwick (a.k.a. Camille Alexa) about how Watership Down, Childhood's End, and A Canticle for Leibowitz switched her on to literature and speculative fiction when she was a child. She'll tell us about her love for the TV shows The Bionic Woman and Ark II, and how...

Feb 12, 2016

In this episode, author and editor Claude Lalumiere talks about his love of the TV show Ultraman and comics like The Avengers during his formative years. We'll also hear about the importance of Interzone magazine, and the influence of Philip Jose Farmer, Robert Silverberg, Roger Zelazny, and others on his development as...

Feb 12, 2016

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Invaders From Planet 3, a bi-weekly podcast about science fiction, fantasy, and all points in between.

In this episode, you'll get a quick overview of what we'll be talking about with our guests, and why the name Invaders From Planet 3 was chosen.

I look forward to hearing from you on...